is this why im paying hundreds of dollars to see them 


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  • Anonymouscan ya write a blurb about niall buying you a collar and making you wear it around the house thnx its ok if you dint want to
  • niallslittle

    Last night, he said: “I got a suprise fer ya tomrrow.”, he said and chuckled. “You’ll love it.” You were watching TV wrapped up in a blanket with your head on his chest. “Please don’t say it’s a pair of old fashioned earrings along with fifty roses or something. Because that’s the kind of shit that’s reserved for vanilla weaklings. And that’s not what we are, right, Ni?”

    "Right.", he chuckled. "Promise I’m not gonna pull the sentimental spender. You should definitely know me bedder dan this. But ya gotta let me buy ya somethin’. Just a liddle thing. You know I love spoilin’ ya."

    You rolled your eyes and sighed.

    He loves paying for your new clothes, CDs, shoes, books, whatever you want, he even organized a few weekend trips for you and your best friend in the past. He doesn’t make you uncomfortable by going for a car straight away like his bandmates, but probably just because you asked him not to. He is eager to make you happy, no matter what. And yes, you do know Niall better than to expect him to give you something you don’t like, simply because he knows you too well, too. But there’s a little black box on the kitchen table this morning, awaiting you, with a pastel pink envelope and white hydrangeas in a glass vase. Your favourite flowers.

    He left for work early in the morning, promising to take you out for dinner later on, but he didn’t mention that the gift he had told you about the night before was awaiting you downstairs, too.

    You pick up the envelope, but the bold letters on it say: “Open the box first, then read.” So that’s what you do. The box is narrow and rather long, black velvet with a pink little heart engraved. You carefully open it and smile immediately. You have to giggle, but your laughter’s stuck in your throat, blocked by the slight feeling of shock and surprise. Niall didn’t get you a necklace, he got you a collar. A pastel pink leather collar with a little heart shaped tag that says “Niall’s”, in beautifully curved letters. You close your mouth again and shake your head. “This idiot.”, you mutter. “Of course that pervert would buy me something like that.”

    You can’t deny it’s really pretty. You take it out of the box and hold it up against the light to see the silver letters sparkle. There’s a big shiny buckle on the bag and a silver ring for a leash right above the heart tag. “Fuck.”, you mumble. “This idiot.” You like it. You really like that gift. He does know you. So, so well. You grab the envelope and open it to take out the letter he wrote you.

    With a smile on your face and a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach, you read it.

    I don’t even have to write out that I hope you like the gift. I know you do. You and me, we both know that you’re into that kind of stuff.

    I’ll be home at 6 PM.

    Put the collar on, take your undies off. No panties under whatever skimpy dress you’ll put on for me. And yes, you’ll go to the restaurant with me like this.

    Afterwards, back home, I’ll expect you on your fours.

    I’ve got a matching leash and cuffs for you,too.

    These are your gift.

    I’ll get mine when I use you then.

    Excited much? You better be. Don’t dare doing anything about it, though.

    Wait for me.

    I love you. So fucking much, angel.

    Happy fucking anniversary.

    See you later. x


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i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

"I’M BLEEDING….. that’s okay i can still do it"


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when shanna post blurb


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johnhenryryanU look hot? W @niallhoran

rb for ya 

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niall’s flat and messy hair gets my pussy on that category 5 hurricane shit

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niall gonna get that ice poured on him and he gonna be cussing up a storm my asshole is prepared

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Lose Yourself (Eminem cover)

5 Seconds of Summer
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WWA opening

One Direction
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